PROFILE: Alexandra Gove, Founder, Hygge Life


Denver, Colorado & Amsterdam, Holland

Then Story: Working for a shoe company
Now Story: Creator/Owner Hygge Life
Curb Moment: A walk on a gloomy day in Amsterdam

Inspired by the feeling gained from a single word, Alexandra Gove followed her heart and her ingenuity across multiple continents to create a home decor brand intended to bring joy, comfort and meaning to life’s every day moments.

Your career path is not the most linear or traditional, tell us about it, and your background?

I grew up in Castle Rock, Colorado and went to school at Wake Forest in North Carolina for track and field. I was a hurdler. After graduation, I worked as a track and field coach, and then in hospitality and events management up in Vail. While I was in Vail, I met Koen who is now my fiancé, and we started dating. Koen was doing an internship in

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PROFILE: Sommer Chaka, Founder, Happy Body Kitchen

Boulder, Colorado

Then Story: Working in online advertising
Now Story: Founder/Owner, Happy Body Kitchen
Curb Moment: A promotion (to a job she didn’t want!)

What happens when your boss offers you a promotion? “Give your two weeks notice and quit,” says Sommer Chaka, who skipped out on the new position but created a fulfilling new career instead.

What do you do? Can you describe your business for us?

About a year and a half ago I became certified as a holistic nutritionist. It was the best decision in my life, because not only did I learn incredible things about keeping myself healthy, I also learned how to help others improve their lives by simply improving the quality of what they are eating.

My business is called Happy Body Kitchen and my approach is simple; I teach a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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PROFILE: Shereen Abdel Meguid, Founder, Heart Trust


Riverside, Connecticut

Then Story: International banking/Full time mom
Now Story: Founder, Heart Trust
Curb Moment: Meeting a boy named Henry

In a strong departure from her initial career in international banking, Shereen Abdel-Meguid credits finding her true calling to a particularly poignant curb moment; a chance encounter with a young boy named Henry who inspired Sherry to pursue a new path “saving tiny hearts” around the world.

You once had a financial career in New York City, how did you end up doing what you are doing now?

My learning curve had become flat; I was in the Northeast Africa Lending Group in the ’80’s for a U.S. major bank and was saying ‘no’ all the time to banks in Africa who were looking for loans or lines of credit. It just wasn’t challenging anymore. My creativity was stifled and I was no longer drawn to the idea of an international banking career. A few years after my first child was born, I decided to stay home full time. In my heart I knew that’s where I needed to be but intellectually I wasn’t growing the way my soul needed and I knew I needed to pursue something more–

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PROFILE: Lynn Von Scneideau, Founder, Pure Renewal Retreats


Seattle, Washington

Then Story: Business strategist
Now Story: Naturopathic doctor, Founder, Pure Renewal Retreats
Curb Moment: A tumor and a dreary Seattle Winter

Maui? Napa? Sayulita, Mexico? Who wouldn’t envy a profession that included work in these destination vacation spots. Credit two Off the Curb moments; a tumor when she was 23 and one exceptionally dreary Seattle winter for flashlighting the way to Dr. Lynn Von Schneidau’s career which includes not only running a naturopathic medical practice, but also leading transformational healing retreats in some of the world’s most beautiful places.

You started your career in the business department of a technology company, how did you make the transition to what you are doing now?

When I was in my early twenties, I felt like I was on the right track. I was fresh out of school and excited about starting my career in the corporate world. However, soon after I started, I began to have physical symptoms. At times I experienced pain so debilitating I could barely walk from my front door to my car. Later on, I learned the pain was caused by endometrial tumors.

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